Business Coaching with Cynthia Yoder

One of the greatest assets you can develop as a leader is your intuition, your "gut" response.

Accomplished individuals from Einstein to Oprah to Donald Trump suggest that intuition has been one of their most important guiding lights. Yet many of us have learned to override intuition with rational thinking.

Cynthia's work with business leaders starts with exercises that unpeel the layers of thinking that hide intuitive knowledge. Through these exercises and subsequent conversation, solutions to challenges often arise spontaneously and can be implemented through a plan of action.

Business coaching is offered on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, or a person may choose to meet just once. If a person chooses to meet just once, there is a built-in three-month "check-in" to create accountability and provide support for the plan of action created in the session.

Cynthia has been privileged to work with business owners, non-profit leaders, as well as professionals in the arts and sciences, education and law.

Cynthia Yoder, Princeton Junction, NJ
Phone: 609-799-6071

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